Wellington Basin Reserve | Basin Reserve Redevelopment
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Basin Reserve Redevelopment

Basin Reserve Redevelopment

As you might be aware, the Wellington City Council is conducting a survey and seeking feedback with regards to the future look and capability of the Basin Reserve.  This is the next stage of the Basin Reserve “Master Plan” project, established by the Basin Reserve Trust, Cricket Wellington, and the Council in June 2015.  The Master Plan has among its objectives the retaining of the Basin as the premier cricket ground in NZ, and strengthening its value and connection with the community.

The Council’s website www.redevelopthebasin.org.nz sets out the background to this current redevelopment work, the objectives, and the timeframes.

As cricket supporters, sports fans, and residents of greater Wellington we have an opportunity to shape the thinking and outcomes with respect to this great ground.  Cricketing stakeholders Cricket Wellington and NZ Cricket, along with the venue authority the Basin Reserve Trust, all see a value in increasing capacity at the ground from its current level (to approx. 10,000), improving infrastructure such as entry points, toilets, and technology, and growing the usage profile of the ground so that it remains a strategic asset for the city.  The Master Plan document, available at http://basin.wellington.govt.nz/background/ sets out more fully the aim of the plan, and strategic objectives.

I encourage all cricket supporters and sports fans to take the brief survey on www.redevelopthebasin.org.nz and to provide your feedback on how you would like the ground to look and operate in the future.

The Basin faces a variety of challenges, but there are opportunities to pursue as well. We remain fully committed to advocating for cricket and an improved venue and asset for the city.

The consultation period ends on 12 September 2016.  Your contribution to the process is much appreciated.

Peter Clinton
Chief Executive
Cricket Wellington

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