BRT announces new naming rights agreement with Cello - Wellington Basin Reserve
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BRT announces new naming rights agreement with Cello

BRT announces new naming rights agreement with Cello

The Basin Reserve Trust and national communications firm Cello have agreed a new partnership that will see Cello secure the naming rights of the Basin Reserve.

The two-year agreement will see the Basin Reserve re-named the Cello Basin Reserve and will be marked by Cello installing wi-fi connectivity throughout the ground to transform it into a modern, connected venue befitting its international status.

“We’re delighted to welcome Cello as the new Naming Rights Partner for the Basin Reserve as we look to continue the ground development into a modern, multi-purpose venue,” said Basin Reserve Trust chair Alan Isaac.

“This exciting new partnership will deliver a fully wi-fi connected venue which will significantly enhance the fan experience for all events hosted at the ground.

“Mark Jurgeleit and his team at Cello are passionate about sport and cricket and have a long history with hockey at a national and regional level, so we’re proud to partner with an organisation which understands the Basin Reserve’s unique sports and entertainment needs.

“This is a significant partnership in a challenging commercial environment, and we’re proud to partner with Cello as we seek to enhance the overall venue experience at the Basin Reserve for sports fans, festival goers, music enthusiasts and corporates alike.”

Welcoming news of the agreement Wellington Mayor Andy Foster said working with Cello technology and its new presentation formats will be exciting for players and fans alike.

“I’ve also seen the capability that Cello has to live stream local sports and I have every confidence that today marks another historic milestone for Wellington’s Cello Basin Reserve,” he said.

“Having Wellington based Cello as a partner secures the Cello Basin Reserve’s potential access to a new legion of fans and can only enhance its reputation as a world class venue.”

As a modern-day communications company, Cello provides a full suite of network services to support its businesses and help them thrive in a highly connected world. They are a team of specialist architects and engineers that cover the full suite of network services from WAN/SD-WAN and internet to LAN, wi-fi, and Cloud Connectivity.

“We are excited to be associated with a venue that has hosted so many of New Zealand’s finest sporting moments,” said Cello CEO Mark Jurgeleit.

“Cello head office is in Wellington, and many of our staff have spent countless hours at the ground over the years, and to be a sponsor of the Basin and a contributor to its future great moments is a huge source of pride for our people.

“For such an iconic and historic venue, it’s been important that it was treated with respect as it was upgraded, and the efforts of the Wellington City Council, the Basin Reserve Trust and Cricket Wellington have helped retain the Basin’s place as one of the world’s finest cricket venues.

“With the major events being held at the ground in coming months and years, it’s important that organisers, broadcasters, media and fans have access to data services that match the quality of the surroundings, so we’re excited to be able to upgrade the internet and wi-fi networks at the ground to a world-class standard.”

The new partnership commenced on 1 October 2021.

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